Setting up a SSH tunnel using Putty

Every now and then I get stuck on a windows machine and since one bad never comes alone I also have to deal with a firewall configured by an former NSA employee 🙂 In these situations I just love Putty and its ability to create tunnels. Here is a small example of how:

I am on my local machine ( and I need to use port 1414 on computer My local machine is not allowed to connect to directly (due to firewall rules) but it is allowed to connect to is allowed to connect to Here is a simple schematic of the situation:

My local machine:1414 -> ->

Here is one way to set it up in Putty

  1. First we input the address and port to (the “middle” machine)
    Putty session configuration
  2. Then we setup the tunnel (SSH->Tunnels) and press “Add”
    Putty tunnels configuration
    The Source port is the port on my local machine. The Destination is the remote computer we want to connect to (
  3. Now we press “Open” and enter our credentials. Done!

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