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Git: My aliases

Every time you start a new assignment on a new computer all your aliases are gone. I’ll put them here for easy access, and if someone likes them they can use them too 🙂

git config --global checkout
git config --global commit
git config --global status
git config --global alias.last 'log -1 HEAD'

Tested with Git v 2.24.3 on OSX and Linux

Git: “You can only push your own commits in this repository” – when there actually is a problem

I ran into this recently by creating a new Bitbucket repository when having a spelling error in my mail address in settings. I got this error:

remote: You can only push your own commits in this repository
remote: Commit 85eb7acbf42a14b9 was committed by Niklas Ottosson (username) <>

In the commit 85eb7acbf42a14b9 (initial commit of the new repository) my mail was when it should have been (only one ‘e’ in ‘web’)

To fix this we need to make sure we have the correct mail address in global settings:

git config --global

and then reset the author of the initial commit

git commit --amend --reset-author --no-edit

This will now replace the previous author with me, and since I now have the correct spelling the commit will be “fixed”

Tested with Git 2.24.3

Git: “Squash” your commits – alternative solution

Sometimes you will have a pull request that is full of merge commits mixed with regular commits. These branches are a little tricky to squash. I’m here going to show a trick that I sometimes use.

Stand in your pull request branch and run:

git reset --soft origin/master

This resets us back to master but keeps all our changes in staged, ready for us to commit in to one new commit:

git commit -m"My one commit message for all changes"

After this we need to replace all the commits in our pull request with the new one we have in our local

git push -f

We should now have only one commit in our pull request

Tested on Git v2.24.3 and OSX 10.15.6