Here you will find applications that I have made in my spare time. They are all what you would call my “hobby projects”

= JSON Lint and Pretty Print =

JSON Lint and Pretty Print

This is my own implementation of a JSON lint and pretty print service. It takes a JSON string, formated or unformated, and “lints” it for errors and then format it so that it is easier to read. Any found errors are presented with a short message in the Result field. The service is built using PHP 7.1

You can find the application here

= Biodome =

This is one of my first real applications. A web based game. I made this game together with my “lab buddy” Madeleine Gusdal when we were working on our final thesis at Chalmers University of Technology.

Biodome can be played here

= Password Generator =

The next application is a password generator that I made to make creating safer passwords simpler. It handles lower and uppercase letters, numbers and special characters. You can try it on the links below

Web page passsword generator can be found here

Webservice password generator can be found here (see below for usage)

Password webservice usage:
Address (HTTP):

characters is the number of characters you want the password to be (eq. 10 for 10 characters long)
letters sets to true (1) to include lower case letters
capitals sets to true (1) to include upper case letters
numbers sets to true (1) to include numbers
specials sets to true (1) to include special characters

Set variables to 0 to not include the particular set of characters. NOTE max number of characters are set to 256 for this webservice

= What is my IP? =

This is as simple as it gets: a application that shows your current public IP adress

Your current public IP can be showed here
If you only want the IP address without formating (for using with webservice) use this address instead

= SQLToFile =

This is a small tool made in C++ that creates textfiles from results from Sqlite SQL queries.

Usage description can be found here
Source code and program description can be found here

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