K9s: Adjust memory and cpu warning levels

Maybe you are like me and feel that the default memory warning level of 70% is a little off in the clusters you work.

Here is how to change them:
1. Open .config/k9s/config.yaml in your favorite editor (of course VIM 😉 )
2. Edit the section called “thresholds”

      critical: 90
      warn: 70
      critical: 90
      warn: 70

3. Save and restart k9s – done!

Apart from this, K9s is a wonderful tool that I don’t want to live a day without 🙂
You can find it here: https://k9scli.io/. Just download and enjoy!

Tested on K9s v.0.31.9 and Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS (WSL2)

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