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PSQL v11 error 7313: “Product key is already activated on a different machine”

For me this happened when one of my customers computers died with HD-failure. Since it was an old machine we decided to replace it with a new one. When I then tried to use the license key from the old computer on the new one I got this error.

The solution: 

Send an email to: dbcic@pervasive.com

with the following information:

  • What happened – why you need to deactivate the key
  • Who you are – name and company
  • The license key

I got an answer after just two hours where they said that they had deactivated the key. I then tried to use the key again and it worked!


UI bug in Pervasive Control Center (v11) on Win 7

So you installed PSQL v11 on a Windows 7 machine and now you can not create new databases due to missing options in the “New Database” window? Does it look like the screen below?

PCC New Database Pane

PCC New Database Pane

Ah we have all been there 🙂 This is due to a bug in Eclipse (which runs the PCC). There is no fix but there is a workaround:

  1. Go to Tools and click om “32-bit ODBC Administrator”
  2. Choose the “System DSN” tab and click “Add”
  3. As a “New Datasource” choose “Pervasive ODBC Engine Interface”
  4. In the “Pervasive ODBC Engine DSN Setup” click on “Create” in the “Database” section
  5. Give the database a name, set “Dictionary Location” to your DDF files and “Add” the path/s to your database files
  6. Now press “OK” to save your new database (you can now press “Test” in the “Pervasive ODBC Engine DSN Setup” to see that everything is working)
  7. Restart PCC and your new database should now turn up in the left tree view

PCC v11 GUI all messed up

This happened a few days after a new installation I did on Windows Server 2003 (Pervasive Server 6 user v11, DataExchange v4) and one XP workstation (Pervasive Workgroup Engine v11, DataExchange v4). The first days everything looked and worked as it should. PCC opens and shows all tables and synchronizations. But one day PCC started taking a long time starting and the GUI was all messed up, see screenshot

PCC v11 GUI at start

PCC v11 GUI all messed up

This view is the only one I can access. I could not open other panes and when trying to ‘Initiate replication’ the GUI reported that no Engine was running (which it was – replication still worked when I checked from the workstations synchronizing with the server)

So how do we fix it? The solution for us was to force PCC to reinitialize. Here is what we did:
1. Open the file pcc.ini in a text viewer, normally at: “C:Program Files\Pervasive Software\PSQL\bin\pcc.ini”
2. Check the ‘Data’ section in the pcc.ini. Here is a path to the PCC working directory
3. Go to the location of the PCC working directory and rename it, eq from workspace to workspace-old
4. Start PCC

For us this fix is not always permanent – it happens that we have to do this again after a few months on the Windows Server 2003. The XP machine has so far never needed this fix again