Software Mangement 101

After the new and flashy system has been introduced into an organisation it starts to be the time for some software management, mainly to keep the system up to date with current techniques but also to keep it easy to run and upgrade. Here are some of my observations from my years as a software engineer:

1. At least once a year:
  • Check language version
  • Check OS version
  • Check any used framework versions

If anything above is overdue for an update or out of support:
Update as the first priority!

2. After this we do (in order):
  1. Bugfixes
  2. Operational improvements
  3. New Features
3. All bug fixes and new features should have tests that prove they work:
  • Unit tests for backend changes
  • Selenium, or eqvivalent, for frontend
  • Aim for a test coverage of at least 80%
  • Always have at leas one more developer that checks any change before a merge/deploy

It does not have to be more complicated than this 🙂 Remember to KEEP IT SIMPLE!

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