Disable element or option in Zend_Form_Element

When disabling an element or option in a Zend_Form we use the function setAttrib() or, if multiple options, setAttribs(). These examples are made in Zend Framework 1.10

Disable a form element in the controller

$form = new Application_Form_MyForm();
$form->getElement('elementName')->setAttrib('disable', 'disable');

This will disable the whole ‘elementName’ element.

Disable option in a radio or select element
In declaration of element:

class Application_Form_MyForm extends Zend_Form {
        $typeOfLap = new Zend_Form_Element_Radio('elementName');
                    'A' => 'Option A',
                    'B' => 'Option B'));

In controller

$form = new Application_Form_MyForm();
$form->getElement('elementName')->setAttrib('disable', array('A'));

This will disable option ‘Option A’. If you want to also disable ‘Option B’ you can add it to the disable array: array(‘A’, ‘B’). It works the same way with select elements

  1. Awesome, thanks for the detailed explanation! I was struggling to find any documentation on this so thank you for sharing 😆

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