WordPress Theme zBench: Show only Titles in Category listing

As far as I can tell this functionality is not built into theWordpress Theme zBench. So here is what I did to make it happen:

  1. Locate the file archive.php (wordpress_dir/wp-content/themes/zBench/archive.php)
  2. On row 32 there is a code snippet looking like this:
    <?php if ( $options['excerpt_check']=='true' ) { the_excerpt(__('Read more »','zbench')); } else { the_content(__('Read more »','zbench')); } ?>

    Now comment out the last part like this:

    <?php if ( $options['excerpt_check']=='true' ) { the_excerpt(__('Read more »','zbench')); } else { /*the_content(__('Read more »','zbench'));*/ } ?>
  3. Save the file and reload the page and you should now only see the titles of you posts in the Category listing

NOTE: The excerpt option has to be disabled in the theme for this to work

This was tested on WordPress 3.1.4 and zBench 1.2.4

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