Setup Camel-K in VMware Tansu (Kubernetes) with a Harbor registry

Here is how I set up a Camel-K installation in VMware Tansu with a Harbor registry.

  1. Log into Harbor
  2. Got to your project
  3. Create a Robot Account with both push and pull permissions (you might need Admin permissions in the project for this)
  4. Copy the JWT at the end of the creation process
  5. Log into VMware Tansu CLI
  6. Create a secret with that JWT token
    kubectl create secret docker-registry camel-k-stage --docker-server=<Harbor adress> --docker-username="robot\$camel-k-stage" --docker-password='<JWT token>'
  7. Install Camel-K Operator
    kamel install --registry <Harbor adress> --organization <Harbor project name> --registry-secret camel-k-stage
  8. Your Camel-K operator is now ready for use

Tested on Harbor v2.0 and VMware Tansu Kubernetes v1.22

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