My Docker Cheat Sheet

Run a new container

docker run <container id or name>

Start a stopped container

docker start <container id or name>

Stop a container

docker stop <container id or name>

Kill a container

docker kill <container id or name>

Restart a container

docker restart <container id or name>

List all running containers

docker ps

List all containers

docker ps -a

List with formatted output (here only show name and status of containers)

docker ps --format '{{.Names}} {{.Status}}'

Inspect a container

docker inspect <container id or name>

List all ports a container uses

docker container port <container id or name>

Open Bash in container (‘exit’ to close)

docker exec -it <container id or name> bash

Watch STDOUT from container (‘-f’ for continued logging)

docker logs <container id or name>

Search containers in registry (example: “MySQL” gives all available MYSQL-containers)

docker search <search word>

Pull container from registry

docker pull <name>

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