Linking parameters from main report to subreports in Crystal Reports XI

This is one of those things I always seems to forget how to do (maybe I’m not doing it often enough :)), even though it is one of the simplest things there is in Crystal Reports:

  1. Open your main report
  2. Go to Edit->Subreport Links…

    Subreport links...

    Subreport Links...

  3. Now just move the parameters in the main report (left side) to the subreport (right side)

    Subreport links window

    Subreport links window

  4. Click “OK” and your done!
  1. Amro Abdelkarim

    Thank You very much for this usefull Tip

  2. Shinoj Mukundan

    Thank you so much ….. 😎

  3. 😛 – I have just worked it out after a few hours !! – thank you

  4. Thank you saved me a lot of frustration on a report with 5 subreports

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