Create random terrain in Blender 2.49

  1. Start Blender and remove the default cube (select it and press key: x)
  2. Add a grid to the scene: Add->Mesh->Grid.
    Create grid

    Create grid

    32×32 segments works good for smaller grids


    Set segments

  3. Select the Shading panel (F5) and go into Material edit mode (the round sphere icon)
  4. Click on “Add New”under the Link to Object
    Link To Object

    Link To Object

    This opens up a new pane

  5. Switch to the Edit Texture mode (F6)
  6. In the Texture pane click the “Add New” button

    Add New Texture

    Add New Texture

  7. Select Clouds as the texture type


    Select "Clouds"

  8. Now you can adjust the Clouds settings if you want. I will stay with defaults here

    Cloud settings

    Cloud settings

  9. Now switch back to Material Edit mode (the red sphere icon)
  10. Close to the Texture pane there is now a Map to pane – open it

    Map To options

    Map To options

  11. All buttons in the Map to pane should be off
  12. Now switch to the Edit pane (F9) and enter Edit mode (TAB). All vertices in your grid should now be selected
  13. In the Mesh Tools pane click the Noise button
    Mesh Tools

    Mesh Tools

    (if you want more height just keep clicking the Noise button)

  14. Now you are done

    Random terrain

    Random terrain result

Tested in Blender 2.49

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