Camel-K and IntelliJ syntax highlighting

Apache Camel-K integrations does not use a pom or Gradle script for dependencies which leads to poor syntax highlighting in IDEA IntelliJ. To fix that shortcoming (pretty sure the guys at JetBrains will fix this in the future) we can add a project wide dependency of io.quarkus.camel.core from Maven Central
1. Open “Project Structure…” (File menu)
2. Choose “Libraries”
3. Click the plus sign and choose “From Maven…”
4. Search for: “camel-core” and pick the version of io.quarkus.camel.core you want

5. Tick the “Download to” and choose preferred location
6. After all downloads are done your project should have the correct syntax highlighting for you Camel-K project

Tested om Windows 10, IntelliJ 2023.1.2 and io.quarkus.camel.core 0.13.3

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