My Websphere MQ command line cheat sheet

Here is my cheat sheet for IBM Websphere 5.3 command line/runmqsc commands:

Start MQSC

runmqsc <qmanager>

MQSC:show queue information

display q(<qname>)

MQSC:remove all messages from queue

clear ql(<qname>)

MQSC:enable trigger on queue

alter ql(<qname>) trigger

MQSC:disable trigger on queue

alter ql(<qname>) notrigger

MQSC:show process information

display process(<process>)

Using runmqsc in a script

echo "dis q(*)" | runmqsc <qmanager>

This vill display all queues (‘dis q(*)’) on the qmanager <qmanager>

Using the q (ma01) program to distribute messages from one queue to two queues


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