Pervasive Workgroup Engine v11- Error 7224: User lacks the appropiate rights to apply or delete key (Vista/Win7)

I ran into this problem a little while back. This happens when you try to apply license keys to a Workgroup engine that runs as other user then Administrator on a Vista or Win7 machine. Here is what I did to fix it:

1. Log in to the computer as Local Administrator
2. Shut down the Workgroup Engine (w3dbsmgr.exe)
3. Run the Workgroup Engine as Administrator
4. Start the License Administration as Administrator
5. Enter the license key/s and hit ‘Apply’

After this I finally could add my permanent licenses for Pervasive Workgroup Engine v11 and DataExchange 4.

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  1. Hi Niklas

    Thanks – this helped!


  2. Tackar, stor hjälp

  3. Takk!

  4. Thx man, you’ve made my day!

  5. 😛 Thank you, was able to apply license to v11 workgroup installed on my W8 laptop.

  6. Related to this, when the error 7224 error happened to me installing V11 on Server 2003, the solution was

    1. Run RegEdit

    2. Access
    HKLM\SOFTWARE\Pervasive Software\Utilities Interface\Settings

    “Restricted Access On WTS client” was set to (1) which means restricted.

    Changed it to (0) unrestricted.

    Then I could use “License Administrator” to remove an old V8 key and add the new V11 key.

  7. One tip. You must end the program and process before trying this and the program loads at startup so you must close it manually.

  8. still useful, 9 years later 🙂

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