My sqltofile cheat sheet

Ever wanted to go directly from an sql to xml files. I do 🙂 Here is a little tool I built a while back. It takes an xml (or any character structure) and an sql and returns one file per row returned result.
For example:

sqltofile -t "%user%%timestamp%" -s "SELECT user, timestamp FROM user" -h mysqlite.db

Will output (one file per row):


The words surrounded with % – signs in the -t argument above gets substituted by the values in the columns with the same name (minus the % -sign ).

Options to use:
-t Is the template string that contains the substitution variables surrounded by % – signs
-s This is the sql to run agains the database (* can be used)
-h Is the filename of the sqlite3 database to run the query agains
-o Outputs the result to stdout (optional)
-b Writes all lines to one file called row0 (optional)

You can find the source and an brief explanation of sqltofile here

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