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Shutdown or restart Windows over RDP

When working over remote desktop (RDP) on Windows systems there is no start menu item “Turn off computer…”. so how do I restart the remote computer? There are a few different ways to do this.

Option 1: use the command line:
1. Start->Run
2. Type ‘cmd’ in the run box
3. When the command line window opens write ‘shutdown -r’
4. The computer will now start the shutdown process

If you leave out the ‘-r’ the computer will shutdown. I have been using this way all the time until I found option number two.

Option 2: Using the “hidden menu” in Windows
1. Start->(Settings->)Windows Security

I have wondered from time to time what this one did but I never checked it 🙂 ‘Windows Security’ will give you a menu just like the one on Windows Server 2003 when using Ctrl-Alt-Del. Very nice.
(if you are using the “big” start menu you will find ‘Windows Security’ on the right side instead of under ‘Settings’)

Get keypad working inside Vim when using Putty

To get the keypad to work in Vim you need to configure PuTTY to ignore the application keypad mode.

1. Go to settings->terminal->features in PuTTy
2. Check the box labeled “Disable application keypad mode”
3. Press ‘Apply’
4. In Vim make sure numlock is on and then start typing numbers

If you forget numlock the keypad will be used for cursor movement

Tested on PuTTy v0.60

Pervasive DataExchange Manager default login and password

The default login for the Pervasive DataExchange Manager v2.80 (also tested on DX v4 GA)
Login: ADMIN
Password: password

Now I finally have it written down so I don’t have too google it every time I need it