Stop and start synchronization site by site in the DataExchange Manager

Say you have installed PSQL and DX and everything is up and running. Now you temporary want to stop the synchronization of one or more sites in the project.
The safest way to do this is to temporarily remove the site from the synchronization list on the first site. This will not affect the Hook Module on the partner site, it will only stop the first site sending the replication request to the partner site.

On the First site:
1. Open Pervasive control Center
2. In the menu go to “DataExchange” -> “Manager”
4. Password: “password”
5. Click on the site you want to stop/start the replication
6. Go to the tab “Schedule”
7. Select the option “Do not replicate”
8. Click “Apply” and close the window

Done! – It is easy when you know how 😉

Tested in Pervasive DataExchange v2.8 and v4

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