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Pretty XML in the Smultron Editor

This is a function I often use to help me read XML from various systems. It’s not in the default package of Tools in Smultron so you have to create it yourself.

1. First open the Commands Window (Tools->Handle Commands->Show Command Window)

2. Create a new command and give it a name (Create Command button)

3. Paste the following code in the lower pane of the window:

cat %%s | /usr/bin/tidy -indent -quiet -xml -wrap 100

4. Tick the ‘Inline’ option

5. Close the Command Window

Now you can open or paste a one row xml document into the editor, select the XML, copy it to clipboard and then run the command (Tool->Command->YourCommand) and voila! The XML is now in pretty format!

This works at least in Smultron version 3.6b1 which is the version I use

Installing iWork09 after trying out iWork09Trial

This was not as simple as I first thought. The thing was that I had installed the iWorkTrial first and used it a couple of days to see if it was to my liking, and it was, so I bought the family pack. Now the trial version needs a serial number to become a full version and the family pack does not come with a serial number.

I first thought that if I installed the family pack iWork everything should med fine. This was far from the truth. Every time I started one of the programs (Pages, Numbers or  Keynote) it asked for a serial number (just as the trial version). I googled a bit and it seems that you need to remove the old iWorkTrial09 first. Just removing it from the Applications folder is not enough. Here is what I did:

  1. Move the /Application/iWorkTrial09 to the Trash
  2. Move the /Library/Application Support/iWork09 to Trash
  3. Move com.apple.iWork.Installer.plist, com.apple.iWork.Keynote.plist, com.apple.iWork.Pages.plist from /Users/yourusername/Library/Preferences to Trash
  4. Move all iWork, Pages, Keynote, Numbers pkg files from /Library/Recipies to Trash
  5. **** IMPORTANT **** Empty the trash!!!!
  6. Now install the full version from the family pack DVD

This worked for me. Hope it works for you too!